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“Within as little as 6 months she and her team were up to speed with everything in our business, and what was once a long never-ending list of legal issues became almost non-existent.

She was a part of the integration team that had the task to make the business transition as smooth as possible.

Before hiring her, there was no one handling the legal affairs. Her mandate was to assemble an in-house legal team that could provide immediate and medium-term support.

Hiring her did not just provide an efficient in-house legal team, but she also implemented fast solutions in the middle of a critical period for the business. She helped us stabilize and integrate a newly purchased company, which opened the doors for a fast integration to the rest of the group .

When it comes to international business development, you want to have someone like Olivia on your side: someone who has an objective legal opinion, even though it’s not the most comfortable.”

Uroš Simović, International Business Development, Superbet